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Saomao is a social enterprise that creates unique and unusual jewellery as well as silk and cotton textiles.

Our products are made with ethically sourced, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, and recycled materials. 

Lotus bracelet



Saomao works according to fair trade ethics, putting people above profits and giving back to society. Handicraft production contributes substantially towards poverty alleviation and has the potential to improve the lives and social conditions of many people. 

We are creating quality jewellery intended to last a lifetime. We highlight how our jewellery is made, where we source our materials and the steps we are taking  to ensure we continue to keep improving the sustainability of our business.

We encourage our artisans through the personal welfare and development of our employees and producers. 



Our pure silk is hand woven from ecologically produced silk threads from the native silkworms,  fed on mulberry leaves, no chemicals or pesticides can be used in cultivation because they poison the fragile silk worms. Furthermore, no mechanisation is used in the weaving process due to the irregular makeup of the thread. We use natural pigments and certified dyes, which are free from heavy metals, making our silks carbon foot print almost zero.

Natural Makeup
Silver Jewelry
Tropical Leaves

Consciously  making ethical purchasing decisions, that contribute  to  both the social and environmental impacts upon the people who produce the product as well as to the environment they live in 

ESTABLISHED since 2001


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