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Saomao social enterprise was founded in 2001 to provide employment and training to disadvantaged Cambodians. Saomao’s design ethics and principles are that of creativity, sustainability and the level of impact we have on people, nature and the planet.

Our jewellers were trained by experienced jewellers, our tailors were trained by a local NGO and we partner with local weavers for out organic silks and cottons.

Saomao works according to fair trade ethics, putting people above profits and giving back to society.

Handicraft production contributes substantially towards poverty alleviation and has the potential to improve the lives and social conditions of many people.


Marie Hill and Don Boring founded Soamao in 2001, both had worked in refugee camps in Thailand  or the Philippians with refugees escaping war.

Marie established Rajana Arts and Crafts Association in Phnom Penh in 1994, to train and employing young Cambodian returning from the refugee camps. By 2001 the Rajana four retail outlets, a large export market and it was fully run and managed by Cambodians. 

​Marie worked with Cambodian artisans, producers and the handicraft industry in Cambodia for over 25 years, she has M.Sc. in Poverty reduction from The School f oriental and African Studies-London University, she is currently working in the UK with the Liberty project for victims of modern slavery and Don is working in Fiji

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