Saomao is a Cambodian social enterprise that uses market based stratergis to advance its social mission. Saomao works alongside  local artisans to create unique Cambodian art, design and hand crafted  products.

Saomao specialises in traditional and contemporary hand made silver and brass jewelry that fuses the past with the present. Inspirationcomes from the ancient bass reliefs and architecture of the Angkorian empire as well as the the bronze age culture of south East Asia from about 1000-1BC.


Saomao specilases in silk and cotton textiles that use both natural plant as well as non toxic chemical dyes. All of Saomao silks are are hand dyed and loomed and our inspitation comes mostly from nature the existing antique traditional weaves and architectural designs. Our emphasis is on the unusual and the innovative.  

Saomao promotes gender equality in the workspace and is seeking sustainable solutions to long-term problems of poverty by promoting social development through crafts and fair trade. Saomao  uses market based straatergies to advance its social mission of poverty reduction and works to make a difference to the lives of Cambodian people. Saomao opens opportunities so people can use their skills to provide income for their families with a livable wage and works alongside artisans in the development and design of products. Saomao is using renewable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible so as  a conscious consumer, you can look to improve other people’s lives with your purchases by considering the well being of the producers and the sources of the raw materials.